Hackmanit - Your Experts for IT Security

The company Hackmanit was founded by employees of the Ruhr-University Bochum, working at the Horst-Görtz Institute for IT Security. Hackmanit has in-depth knowledge about the security of Web applications (e.g., Cross-Site Scripting, UI-Redressing and Clickjacking), Web services, Single Sign-On, SSL/TLS and applied cryptography. The company mainly focuses on providing services such as practical trainings, high-quality penetration tests, and customized expertise.

Security Trainings

Hackmanit offers trainings on Secure Web Development and Web Services Security. Security trainings are offered only in fields in which Hackmanit has a high technical knowledge.

The security trainings aim primarily at Web developers and penetration testers, who are interested in hardening their applications or learn new attack techniques, especially in the areas of Web services and Single Sign-On. Along with the new attack techniques, you learn countermeasures against the presented attacks.

Penetration Tests

Do you provide highly secure Web applications, Web Services, Single Sign-On, or does your application rely on cryptographic methods?

The team of Hackmanit offers both white- and black-box penetration tests to survey the security of your application. Many DAX-30 companies trust the Hackmanit team and its high technical knowledge, which is underlined by peer reviewed scientific IT security publications. This gives you as a customer the opportunity to protect your applications against many well-known and currently nearly unknown attacks.

Security Expertise

Are you planning to deploy a new security technology and do you want to know if it is secure? Does your company need a reliable expertise on the security of your application or technology?

Hackmanit gives adivice for the usage of various Web Service solutions (SOAP and REST), Single Sign-On systems (SAML, OpenID Connect, or OAuth), cryptographic algorithms, and Web applications. It should be underlined that Hackmanit has a high State of the Art knowledge thanks to its involvement in different fields of current IT security research.