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Dr. Christian Mainka | CTO, Department Single Sign-On | Hackmanit

Maximize Your Security Level With Our IT Security Experts.

Web security and cryptography are evolving rapidly.

This makes it more important than ever for companies to keep pace with the latest developments in cyber security. This is how you specifically ensure that your networks and sensitive data are optimally protected – Hackmanit is here to support companies in a versatile way with specialized know-how.

For our comprehensive IT security consulting, our top teams use, among other things, their direct proximity to security research. Through close contact with researchers and experts in the IT industry, Hackmanit always remains at the cutting edge of technology. This enables us to protect companies from new threats with state-of-the-art security solutions.

Our customers benefit from this special expertise, as we can offer them comprehensive analyses and tailored solutions that are maximally adapted to the current threats. We provide you with the best possible advice so that you can ideally protect your systems against attacks from hackers or cyber criminals.

In addition, we offer our customers a wide range of IT security training and customized penetration tests. This ensures that your IT security is maintained at the highest possible level.

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IT Security Consulting and Solutions –
Our Specialties


When it comes to cryptography, you need a partner who knows the Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) inside out. Hackmanit offers consulting services that support the configuration and implementation of cryptographic algorithms to securely encrypt the transmission of sensitive data. Our IT security team is ready to assist you directly in all areas of cryptography, such as data encryption, data integrity, or cryptographic protocols.


Web Security

Your data is your business, and protecting it should be a priority.
That's why our web security consulting includes compliance with the OWASP Top10 security standards, finding cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, preventing SQL injection attacks, and configuring and implementing a secure content security policy. With these necessary measures, you can ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data, preventing attacks against your websites.


Single Sign-On

Unified authentication for multiple applications increases usability while improving security. The technology you need for this purpose is Single Sign-On. We support you from the configuration to the secure implementation of OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML. Our IT security experts also review API security requirements and optimize them based on the OWASP API Top 10.


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IT Security Consulting Packages –
Our IT Security Services

From planning to implementation to live operation - Hackmanit is at your side every step of the way to protect your systems.

Let our IT security experts advise you individually and find the right solutions, technologies and security measures with us. Contact us by e-mail for a non-binding consultation. Your contact person is Prof. Dr. Juraj Somorovsky -

Individually, in combination or as a full service, book our IT security packages according to your needs.



Package 01 // Analysis

Threat analysis and selection of security measures

IT Security Consulting - Projektstatus analysieren - Hackmanit


Package 02 // Implementation

Customized recommendations for implementation of resilient and robust systems

IT Security Consulting - Implementierung - Hackmanit


Package 03 // Production

Coaching for compliance and adaptation to fast-moving IT security requirements.

IT Security Consulting - Live-Betrieb - Hackmanit


Package 01 // Analysis

In this first step of our IT security consulting, we analyze the current status of your project according to current research, OWASP, and IETF criteria. We examine your IT systems to uncover potential weaknesses in your processes and identify risks. Based on these analyses, we prepare a detailed report with recommendations for action and security best practices on how to increase your security level.

Package 02 // Implementation

In this step, we support your development team in implementing the recommendations from the first step. You will receive tailored implementation recommendations for building resilient and robust systems. This enables you to mitigate potential threats before they become a real security risk for your company.

Package 03 // Production

After implementation, we support the production phase of your system to ensure that all measures are working properly. We provide coaching on how to comply and adapt to fast-moving IT security requirements. In addition, we offer support to troubleshoot issues that arise during operation.


Penetration Test – The Secure Extra to Your Consulting Package

A penetration test is an essential part of IT security and contributes comprehensively to the improvement of your IT systems. With a penetration test, we gain insights into the system and the potential vulnerabilities,and help you fix them before they can be exploited by cybercriminals

Our experienced team will test your system in the same way as an attacker would, to uncover vulnerabilities at any level. Based on the detected vulnerabilities, you will receive recommendations on how to implement proper countermeasures. We work closely with you to optimally improve your IT security.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - IT Security in the Company

  • Hackmanit advises according to the industry standard OWASP Top 10, according to which the most common vulnerabilities include errors in the access control of APIs, errors in the use of cryptography, injection attacks, insecure software architectures, and misconfigurations. Our consulting services help to proactively avoid these errors.

  • Cryptography can, for example, be used to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and tampering. By adhering to security best practices, the integrity of data can be guaranteed and confidentiality ensured, which increases cybersecurity and provides protection against cyber attacks.

  • Today, a comprehensive IT security strategy is essential to ensure that business processes run smoothly, data is protected, and corporate reputation and trust are maintained. Hackmanit can help you to assess the threat situation and implement a secure solution.

  • A penetration test is an additional building block for identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in deployed applications. IT security consulting can help determine penetration testing needs and requirements and decide if a penetration test is necessary.

  • Targeted training in cryptography, web security, and single sign-on can increase the expertise of your employees, making your business processes and applications better protected from cybercriminals.



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