When operating web applications, web services or using single sign-on procedures, particular attention must be paid to the security of the application. Is the application vulnerable to attacks? How secure is its configuration? Are cryptographic procedures used properly? How can the security level of the application be further increased?

A penetration test or security assessment can answer these questions and support the secure operation of your application.

Your website is a very complex application. From the content displayed to the user, to a single sign-on system and back-end web services in use, to transport protection via TLS - your application needs to be secure at all levels?

We are pleased to support you with our professional penetration tests to design and operate your application securely.

Hackmanit offers both white-box and black-box testing to identify vulnerabilities in your application and helps you keep it secure. Either the source code or the configuration of the tested application is available (white-box test) or the application is treated as an unknown system (black-box test). In both cases, your application is thoroughly and extensively examined for its vulnerability to various attack techniques using both manual and (semi-)automated techniques.

Hackmanit offers you a comprehensive assessment of your application thanks to its in-depth expertise, which is continuously updated with the latest research results. Numerous customers, both SMEs and DAX-30 companies, trust Hackmanit's high quality penetration tests to reduce their applications' vulnerability to hacker attacks and their impact.

Hackmanit uses a number of professional self-developed tools during penetration tests. Some of these tools are available as open source versions for free download:

  • WS-Attacker
  • TLS-Attacker
  • EsPReSSO (Single Sign-On Extension for Burp Suite)
  • Metadata-Attacker

Overview of open source tools