We offer web security training courses for primarily two target audiences: First, developers who want to learn about web application security, single sign-on, TLS, XML, and web service technologies. Second, penetration testers who want to get an in-depth knowledge about web security. Our discussed topics are both known, and also usually unknown attacks, along with their countermeasures. Furthermore, we go into detail regarding solutions to automate security tests.

Our Training Portfolio at a Glance

Learn to configure and analyze your existing TLS servers. The goal of this training is to enable you to securely and efficiently encrypt your application’s communication using TLS.

Become familiar with the two single sign-on standards OAuth and OpenID Connect and learn what opportunities the two methods offer you to improve the login of your application.

Using real-life examples, you will learn about critical topics such as SQL injections, remote file inclusion and cross-site scripting. The goal of this comprehensive seminar is to enable you to understand and evaluate common attacks and to perform small audits on your own. This will allow you to secure your web application for the future.

Understand the complexity of single sign-on standards and potential threats when using OAuth and OpenID Connect to log in. Interactive exercises will help you understand serious attacks and appropriate countermeasures to optimally secure your own SSO implementations.

The use of the widely used single sign-on procedure SAML allows to simplify the login of your application. In this training course, you will learn how to optimize your implementation and prevent attacks which allow hackers to gain access to confidential data.

Successful attacks that target TLS can have severe impacts on the confidentiality and integrity of the protected data. This training offers in-depth analyses of complex attacks and enables you to secure your critical TLS implementations properly.

Learn to analyze your existing TLS implementations (e.g., web, mail, or VPN) and understand current attacks on TLS. The goal of this training is to enable you to securely and efficiently encrypt your application's communication using TLS.

During this training, you will learn which risks your web services are exposed to and how you can prevent attackers from extracting and decrypting confidential data. Complex XML standards offer hackers a large attack surface if they are incorrectly configured and can lead to serious attacks.

In this interactive online training course, you will gain the necessary knowledge for the correct use of security technologies in your area of application. Learn about relevant attacks and security best practices and protect your web application from hackers.

Are you unsure whether a training is the right measure for you? Would you be interested in an online training on a specific topic? We would be pleased to discuss individual options for expanding your own and your employees' knowledge in a non-binding meeting.

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