We offer web security trainings for primarily two target audiences: First, developers who want to learn about web application security, Single Sign-On, TLS, XML, and web service technologies. Second, penetration testers who want to get an in-depth knowledge about web security. Our discussed topics are both known, and also usually unknown attacks, along with their countermeasures. Furthermore, we go into detail regarding solutions to automate security tests.

Note: Each training can be arranged as a webinar, as well.

The trainings can be done either in-house at your company, or at our hometown in Bochum (Germany). We offer security training on a per-day basis or also collectively as a five day workshop. Additionally, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in such topics like Clickjacking. You can contact us via phone or email at mail@hackmanit.de.

Our security trainings:

For five participants or more, we recommend training courses that are held in-house at your company, or at Hackmanit in Bochum. In Bochum, the trainings usually take place at the Mercure Hotel Bochum City.